9 Oct

Reasons to visit Hong Kong

Hong Kong is the number one destination in Asia that every passionate traveler needs to visit. Travel guides display various lists of reasons why you need to include this top destination on your bucket list. Since Hong Kong was formerly a British colony, English is spoken extremely well by the locals which means that you will be able to get around without learning thousands of Chinese characters called kanji. Furthermore, as English is an official language in Hong Kong, signs and boards are bilingual so tourists can enjoy sightseeing and shopping without getting lost in this metropolitan city.

Let’s check out these five reasons why you should visit Hong Kong:

1. Exciting destinations
It’s an understatement to say that Hong Kong has a lot of places to visit. This dynamic city has something to offer for everyone, be it a businessman who goes sightseeing between conferences or a family who wants to take pleasure in every second of their vacation. Hong Kong is home to diverse museums, theme parks, eco-systems, temples and shopping destinations where you can perfectly stock up on everything you need. If you plan on visiting Hong Kong with your family, a trip to Disneyland should be a must. One place that will make this trip memorable for life is the Victoria Peak so you should make sure not to miss it.

hong-kong temple

2. Culture
Archaeologists have found proof of human presence in the Hong Kong area from around 40,000 years ago which underlines Hong Kong’s historical and cultural assets. Chinese are very proud of their tradition, which they regularly display at annual festivities. Tourists enjoy participating in the festivities held during the Chinese New Year, especially in the dragon and lion dances. In addition, there are also several other memorable occasions in which you can indulge in fireworks and colorful parades, for example the Winter Solstice Festival or the Dragon Boat Festival.

Chinese new year

3. Shopping paradise
Almost every street of Hong Kong is packed with various stores, bazaars, and street markets which makes it a paradise for every shopping addict. China is famous for its inexpensive products such as fashion items and electronic devices which you can find in Hong Kong at the Temple Street. If you are more into glamour and designer clothes, then Central District is your place to be. Also, street food is especially popular do make sure to try local food on the go.


4. Relaxation at its finest
After a long day of sightseeing and shopping many tourist like to end their trip of Hong Kong with a visit to famous massage and wellness spas to relieve the stress build up during the day. Most common treatment packages include a 60 to 120 minute massage that focus on every part of your body, but it’s not uncommon either to choose a smaller package if you just want to relax your feet or back. Some of the best spas include Oriental Spa, Four Seasons Spa, Mandarin Spa, Peninsula, and Plateau Spa.


5. Exquisite cuisine
Hong Kong is not only delightful for your eyes but it can also expand your culinary experience. Asia’s culinary capital and its variety of cuisines will show you dishes and tastes that will make your trip truly memorable.